Your favorite brew?

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Staff member
Oct 2, 2017
Your favorite whatever threads are pretty cliche with this kind of forum so I'll try not to create them too often, however I'm doing it now.

What's your go-to beer when you want a cold one?

Tuborg is probably my favorite (my avatar is a Tuborg advertisement) but it can't be found close by. Staropramen is another good one but again, it can't be found close by (I might be able to pick some up next weekend). So based on availability, I have to go with Carlsburg which can be found in my city. Carlsburg comes in a green bottle or a can and tastes a little bit like Heineken but it is so much better... I wish I was drinking one right now :p .


Resident Witch
Staff member
Oct 8, 2017
Kind of depends on what I buy for the week the ones I reach for the most are Fat Tire Ale, Shocktop, Bass Ale and 805.