The Big Bang Theory ending in 2019


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I just read this on the BBC News website:
The Big Bang Theory final season to end in 2019

US series The Big Bang Theory will air its final episode in 2019, ending one of the longest-running sitcoms in US history.

The programme's 12th and final season will premiere on 24 September and is expected to conclude in May.

Set in Pasadena, California, the series originally focused on two physicists and their aspiring actress neighbour.

The Big Bang Theory has attracted more than 18 million viewers every year since its sixth season aired in 2012.

It reportedly averaged 18.6 million viewers per episode in its 11th season, more than any other show on US television.

The production teams and CBS said in a joint statement they were "forever grateful" to the fans.
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We haven't watched an episode of this show since we got rid of cable TV awhile ago, hopefully it will be added to Netflix or Amazon Prime.