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    There's no hope for this country

    We have rather. And it seems to be getting worse.
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    There's no hope for this country

    Much the same here in the UK I'm afraid.
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    Becks beer

    I'm not a that really bad? Have I lost man points?
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    Worst US President in your lifetime?

    Well in my lifetime there's only really been Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Dubya, Obama and Trump. I've never even been to the US so my perspective is limited and of little value, and I'm no leftie, but I think that Trump is far and away the worst. It's not because of policies, he just doesn't come...
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    Things I hate on Facebook.

    What I hate about Facebook, is Facebook. I don't use it because I hate it.
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    Just some feedback about FireFox

    Not much chance of that, Gary's banned over there.
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    iOS 11.1

    Here's the 'wonky' Christmas tree I use as my sig during the festive season! This started out as genuine ASCII art on newsgroups, and it looked fine, but for people who didn't use a fixed width font it used to come out like this. So when I moved into the web forum era I mocked it up in the same...
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    iOS 11.1

    Is it just me who hates these modern stupid 'emoji' things? Give me old style forum 'smilies' any time. Or better still give me text-only ASCII smilies. Yeah.
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