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  1. J

    Just some feedback about FireFox

    I think it will get sorted in a future Xenforo 2 release, don't you?
  2. J

    XF widget position code?

    Did you update chat? Get an error trying to post msg now.
  3. J

    Drama The Walking Dead

    And I'm sure they'll drag this war out at least one full season, if not more. Show is getting very predictable IMO.
  4. J

    Drama The Walking Dead

    All out war!!
  5. J

    Football Reasons Why NCAA Football Is Better Than NFL

    I've been to Hokie home games and UofM home games in Ann Arbor, and agree with you.
  6. J

    Crime Narcos

    Season 1 was better than 2, but both are worth watching!
  7. J

    Drama Mindhunter

    Title: Mindhunter Genre: Drama, Crime Creator: David Fincher, Charlize Theron, Ceán Chaffin, Joshua Donen Cast: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, Cotter Smith, Hannah Gross, Stacey Roca, Peter Murnik, Happy Anderson, Cameron Britton First aired: 2017-10-13 Overview: An...
  8. J

    Drama Mindhunter

    Half way through this one, loving it!
  9. J

    Classic Country Music

    Not a country fan myself...I'll listen to anything but country! Rock, Hard metal, Classical, Piano, etc...put the country on and I'm gone.
  10. J

    Poll: Should Bar Fight stay or go?

    The room can be easily ignored, if you don't like what is in there, don't browse it? Not a hard concept really.
  11. J

    Bar Fight

  12. J

    JFK Files To Be Released

    We all know Russia did it.
  13. J

    testing quotation marks

  14. J

    Size isn't everything I've been told ;)

    Size isn't everything I've been told ;)
  15. J

    YES! $620 on average per year!

    YES! $620 on average per year!