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    We watched this movie last night, total snooze fest. It looks like Reese's ass has been photoshopped in that movie poster, it was much bigger in the movie.

    A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit California yesterday and this was after a slightly smaller one the day before. I sure someone will blame them on global warming, climate change or Donald Trump. I can remember being in California during some big earthquakes and feeling the ground move, thankfully we were pretty far from their epicenters. It's weird to see people recording everything on their cell phones instead of trying to find a safe place to be during the earthquake.

    You can read about the earthquake here:

    I just had a small glass of Limoncello after having my dinner and I have to say it's a really nice drink on a warm day, you should try it 8o. You're supposed to drink Limoncello before or after a meal and it should be chilled. You can make cake and ice cream with Limoncello and I'm sure they're both delicious, I've never had either. Hopefully I can convince Ada to make us some Limoncello ice cream.

    I was just looking at a photo on Facebook and it said 2 comments were made. I wanted to read the comments so I clicked on the link and I was only able to read one of them. Apparently Facebook looks for whatever they deem to be relevant and they filter out less “important” comments. This is just one more reason for hating the website. I want to be able to read other people’s comments and I don’t want mine being dismissed.

    When I lived in and around Fresno, CA the temperature regularly went above 40 degrees Celsius in the summer time. I can remember being in Phoenix, AZ when the temperature was 51 degrees Celsius (124 degrees Fahrenheit), that was f-ing HOT! My first 3 vehicles didn't have air conditioners, this was when I lived in the Fresno area. I guess if you're not used to extreme temperatures (hot or cold) it can effect you a lot worse than someone who is.

    I have a couple of wine related gadgets that I love, the first is The Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver that I found on Amazon a few years ago. This gadget vacuum seals your wine bottle before you put it back in the fridge and it's fantastic!

    The second wine gadget that I love is this little thing called "Edgy". It cuts the foil seal from the bottle by placing it on top and turning it. The edgy has four circular blades that cut the foil, unfortunately they become dull rather quickly. It's a cheap device so buy a few of them.

    What wine gadgets can't you live without?

    I believe this is one of the first Russian novels that I read, it's truly and epic book. I had the pleasure of visiting Moscow a few years ago and made a point of visiting the museum which is dedicated to the War of 1812 and Tolstoy's Moscow home.

    There isn't a song on this album that isn't worth listening to. "One" is one of the best songs written in my lifetime.

    I see in the news that it’s hot as hell in most of Europe right now. There have been two deaths in Spain which were heat related and they claim parts of the Autobahn are melting from the heat. France is having record breaking temperatures right now too.

    If you live in Europe, how hot is it where you’re at?

    Which area of the world were you born and which area of the world do you live now?

    I was born in a small city that is N/W of Syracuse, NY. I lived in California for most of my life and now I live in the same city that I was born in.

    We just finished watching season 3 and will have to wait for season 4 to be released now. Season 3 was the last season they had a live audience in that tent of theirs. Season 4 will have them traveling around more and I look forward to seeing it.

    As for traveling to Europe - perhaps someday. If I ever do, I want to travel on the great passenger trains they have in so many parts of Europe.

    That's one of the things that really bugs me about the U.S. - one of the FEW countries that can afford a great passenger train system but does not have one! (Amtrak is a joke for the most part!) :rolleyes:

    I would love to take a train ride across Europe. I would also like to take a cruise down the Danube river.

    A few years ago we priced train tickets against airline tickets from Syracuse, NY to NYC, it was more expensive to take the train.